6 Tips to Make Better Short-Form Videos for Vine and Instagram

Short videos are quite popular these days thanks to Instagram and Vine . Both platforms have made this form an important resource and great engagement tool in the hands of bloggers and marketers - with a maximum length of six seconds on Vine and fifteen...

Author: Marc C

How to Whiten Teeth In Less Than 1 Minute

Here is a simple way to whiten teeth using photoshop. ( I am using Photoshop CC) but you can use most versions of photoshop to achieve the same results.  Yes really, in less than 1 minute. Just be careful to not overdo it,  just like with eye whitening it can look creepy and very fake. 

I hope it helps, let me know in the comments below if you have similar tips for easy teeth whitening.  Play Video below.

Author: Marc C

Photography Settings - A Quick Guide

A beginners guide to some of the more common camera settings and scenarios you may encounter. Of course, once you have learned most of these rules then its time to break them. Only your own creativity will limit your vision and final images. 

Please leave comments and questions below this post, I love to hear your thoughts and ideas. PDF Download is at the bottom of this post. 

Photography Quick Guide

Shutter Speed Suggestions

Walking 1/125
Running 1/500
Horse Galloping 1/1000, Race Cars 1/2000, Hummingbird 1/12,000

Depth of Field (DoF)

Controlled by Aperture (f-stop)
Shallow DoF - front focus, rear blur - Portraits (smaller f-stop) Deeper DoF - all in focus - Landscape (larger f-stop)
For DoF, focus at least 1/3 into frame

Priority Modes

Aperture – used for lighting shots, Shutter Speed – used for speed shots 

Shutter Speed, Aperture Relationship 1/60 f/16

1/125 f/11
1/250 f/8 (sharpest picture)
1/500 f/5.6
1/1000 f/4

Night Photography Equipment

Tripod, Flashlight, Stopwatch,
Flash, Zoom Lens,
Cable Release and of course Batteries

Night Photography

f/16 30 sec ISO 100
f/16 15 sec ISO 200
f/16 8 sec ISO 400
Shoot with lowest ISO available Night Photography - Cityscapes f/11 15 sec ISO 100

Night Photography - Moon

300+mm Lens
f/11 - f/8 1/125 ISO 100
Moon travels its own diameter in 2 minutes Best day is day before real full moon

Star Trails

Wide lens: more stars & foreground, Zoom lens: stars are closer, Shoot with new or crescent moon (less light in sky); North Star doesn’t move f/4 - f/5.6 10 min - hours exposure1


Wide angle lens Black card
Manual focus (infinity) f/8 - f/11
Bulb setting (leave open)
Put black card in front of lens, remove to expose, back and forth to capture multiple fireworks images


Darker skies are better
Start point (far distance): f/4-f/5.6 ISO 100
Start point (closer dist): f/8 ISO 100
Put black card in front of lens, remove to expose, back and forth to capture multiple lightening strikes images

Car Light Trails & Carnivals

Start point: f/8 15-30 secs ISO 1000 Ghosting
Take general meter reading

Exposure should be 15 sec minimum to allow movement in and out Long exposure time - doesn’t capture the actual movement

Sunrises, Sunsets (Equipment)

Extra batteries, Mirror Lockup, Split neutral density filter, Wide angle, zoom lens, Lens Hood Flashlight, Polarizing filters, Rain gear & Cable release
Tripod, Plastic Bags

Sunrises, Sunsets

Manual focus 15, 30, 60 sec exposure times, White Balance - Cloudy 

White Balance - Daylight - use when sun is out
Cloudy - adds orange/yellow filter (warmth) Open shade - adds amber (more orange) Fluorescent - adds magenta cast
Tungsten - simulates twilight (blue)

Flowing Water

Flowy 1 sec or longer
Cotton 15 sec
Crisp 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000
Spot meter water, open up 1-2 full stops Manual or Av priority

Best light is cloudy day (soft light)


For a PDF download of this list , Just click the button >>>>

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6 Best Image Editors for Bloggers

"A picture is worth a thousand words." When it comes to blogging and creating amazing content online this old adage cannot be more true. Thanks to the exploding popularity of websites like Pinterest and Instagram we've come to understanding that creating...

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Photoshop CS6 and Perfect Photo Suite 8 - Speed Edit

Play the video below. 

A fun little speed edit using Photoshop CS6, Portraiture and Perfect Photo Suite 8. Using curves and adding a texture after a few enhancements in Perfect Effects 8 . I hope you enjoy it. 

Author: Marc C

Fashion Styling - College Student Project

A Fashion Project with a College Student

Some of the final images from a recent fun project i shot with a college student. The concept of this shoot was to style the model and create the images for a website. I think Montana (stylist) did an awesome job of styling Sydney (model).  Check out the  "behind the scenes" video also.

Hair/MUA & Styling: Montana B

Model: Sydney A