Beauty And A Horse - A Creative Portrait Session

A creative Portrait Session with a Beautiful Model and an Amazing Horse.

This creative portrait session turned out to be a really fun time for everyone involved. Krystal (model) did an amazing job with Beau (horse), she was extremely comfortable leading and riding him.  He seemed to get into the photoshoot as we got more into it, almost like it was his spotlight.

The weather was very bright and sunny, which in itself was a challenge for me. So I searched for shade and open shade to use the softer light source.  I did take advantage of the flares that the sun created. You can spot some in the images, which I think helped with the overall effect.

Many thanks to Back Of Beyond Equine Centre for the use of their location and horses. Also a huge thank you to Kirsten for being so helpful with the wrangling, I could not do it without her. The awesome makeup was provided by Shelby, again many thanks.

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Author: Marc C

A Horse and a Forest Warrior - Creative Portrait Photoshoot

The special moments between a Forest Warrior and her horse.

This themed portrait session was inspired by a storybook adventure of a forest warrior and her love of her horse. We wanted to include the swords to show the warrior side of the rider who in a time long ago travelled the forests in search of good. The images reflect the quieter moments along these less travelled tracks deep in the forest.

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Many thanks to Kirsten who was a wonderful model and true horse lover.


Alicia , who was an amazing horse wrangler and hair braider. 

Cathy & Bill from Back of Beyond Equine Centre for their hospitality.

Angel , a very patient and photogenic horse.  Check out the video below and see how she ends her photoshoot in her own way.

A fun day of shooting with Angel (horse) and Kirsten (model) comes to an end with Angel deciding to act up and go off on a run. It all ends well, I think she had had enough of the script and let us know in her own way.

Author: Marc C

Small Studio Photoshoot - Behind the Scenes

Making the best use of a small photography studio. 

Here is a quick little fun video from a recent photoshoot with the lovely Shelby. As you can see, we made great use of the small space in the studio. I will post some of the final edits in the next few days. So don't let a small studio discourage you from getting great results and having tons of fun.

More Behind The Scenes Video's 

Author: Marc C

A SteamPunk Adventure

I was digging through my archives and organizing TB's of images and came upon this series of a Steampunk inspired photoshoot. I thought it would be nice to bring it to life and share with everyone. 

This photoshoot was taken in Toronto on a cool fall day, very chilly for everyone involved. We started out in the area known as Liberty Village, which is downtown. Then after the typical traffic nightmare, we headed to Casa Loma. Here we decided to run around in the grounds and get some interesting action type shots.  Its always a pleasure to shoot in interesting areas, especially if there is a little history around it. 

Model: Kristin D , check out her portfolio .  & follow her on Instagram

Author: Marc C